Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sea World Story (Repost)

Went to draw at sea world yesterday. I'm one of the caricaturists there. Seems like
a rarity lately because of all the hours being cut. The place was PACKED, from the moment I sat down, I was drawing non-stop. My wrist was moving faster and harder than when I was 12 discovering my body. :P Was a good day overall, got mad tips from foreign girls, and made good commission.

As the night was winding down, I was standing there as my partner was drawing this bizarre couple. What was bizarre you ask? It was this 50 year old guy sporting a Spongebob Squarepants hat, he was accompanied by a 20 year old goth gal. I ALWAYS feel like makin chit-chat, but this was NOT one of those times, I was tired and hungry enough to eat the gum from under the seats.

Without any hesitation,the 50 year old douche began telling me about his life story and how many celebrities he's met in LA. His talk went on and on....... The most I got was that he has had small roles in movies and is currently doing childrens parties. I NORMALLY would have been totally happy and possibly intrigued in his ramblings. But the WAY he said these things,( like in a bragging manner), made the whole thing as comfortable as a rectal exam at the doctors office. It intuitively made me want to get away from this douche. But not without him slipping me his computer printed business card featuring himself with a smile that says " Shhhh, little girl, don't tell your parents about this..""

Don't brag about your accomplishments.., we'll find them out eventually.

This is the real card he gave me.....

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